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Archi Urbain is a television series aimed at promoting architecture and town planning to the general public. Initially focused on Brussels, it has recently extended its scope to Wallonia. It is first broadcast on Channel Three (RTBF - Public broadcasting organisation of the French Community of Belgium) each weekday evening.

In-depth reports showcasing both projects (completed or at the design stage) and architects explain the work being done in the fields of architecture and town planning through interesting, creative, original projects, large and small.

ASSAR ARCHITECTS supports production of the programmes in order to enable them to be broadcast as widely as possible.


The Foundation for Architecture is a meeting place and forum for thought and debate. It plays a major part in the dissemination of architectural culture in Belgium.

The Foundation’s main means of expression is through major original exhibitions aimed at enabling a wide audience to appreciate the largely unknown personalities and aspects of Belgian architecture.

The Foundation seeks to encourage and publicise architectural creativity through competitions, international conferences, events, publications, etc. It is also keen to promote jobs in architecture to a young audience, in particular through the organisation of educational courses for children, aimed at both schools and families.

ASSAR ARCHITECTS supports the organisation of these children’s courses.

Tax Shelter is an incentive, the main aim of which is to encourage the production in Belgium of audio-visual works, such as feature films, short films, documentaries, animations or television dramas. Tax Shelter on the one hand encourages the development of the audio-visual industry and on the other promotes Belgian creative potential.

The aim of WeForest is to combat global warming by planting trees.

Reducing global warming through trees which absorb carbon and create clouds.

Creating jobs: planting 2,000 trees provides one person with a job for a whole month.

Forests rich in biodiversity have numerous benefits: trees are the basis of many natural systems; they contribute to the conservation of soil and water, reduce landslips, prevent desertification and protect coastal regions.

ASSAR ARCHITECTS has decided to provide an original means of support for WeForest. For every project that we design, once the building is completed and accepted, we will donate one tree per square metre built to WeForest. 

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